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Paw It Forward Food Fund

All of us are feeling the health and economic fallout from COVID-19 but many of our neighbors have lost their jobs or are under quarantine. Caring for a companion animal during this time can be overwhelming and near impossible if you don’t have the regular income you’ve come to rely on or can’t get out […]

Our Work

We want the best for our companion animals, but sometimes life’s unexpected financial burdens get in the way. When our neighbors living paycheck to paycheck are faced with an emergency expense, the lack of access to affordable pet care can have life-changing consequences. We are building Together Furever to help keep pets and their people […]

Building Our Organization

As we begin to build Together Furever, we have identified and constructed important milestones that we plan to achieve in the first year to signal to donors and recipients of our services that we are well on our way to establishing a robust and responsive grassroots organization. Non profit designation – Together Furever is a registered […]

The Situation

A recent survey found 59-percent of adults are just getting by each pay period and research from the Federal Reserve found that 4 in 10 Americans couldn’t afford a $400 emergency. Any unexpected expenses in these conditions could signal financial disaster while also jeopardizing the care for companion animals.  The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to […]

Our Mission

To help our neighbors in the greater D.C. area who are struggling financially care for their companion animals.

Our Vision

A day when love and generosity determine the future with our companion animals, not life’s unexpected financial burdens.

Our Founding Partner

Recognized as one of DC’s best pet stores and woman-owned small businesses, Doggy Style is helping put the building blocks in place as our founding partner. Doggy Style Bakery, Boutique & Pet Spa opened in 2002 in the Dupont Circle neighborhood. Krista Heinz opened the store with one goal: to provide a local alternative to […]