Building Our Organization

As we begin to build Together Furever, we have identified and constructed important milestones that we plan to achieve in the first year to signal to donors and recipients of our services that we are well on our way to establishing a robust and responsive grassroots organization.

  • Non profit designation – prior to our public launch, we will submit the required paperwork to the IRS for a 501c3 designation.     
  • Board of Directors – an active and involved Board is a critical component of an organization’s success and as such, we will recruit and secure Members that provide mission-based leadership and strategic governance.
  • Public Launch – on February 20, 2020, National Love Your Pet Day, we will launch the organization online, through social media and with a public event, Smooch Your Pooch.
  • Initial Fundraising Campaign – our public launch will coincide with initial fundraising efforts that will provide the revenue needed to begin offering our services and assistance.
  • Outreach – we will identify opportunities to reach out to local organizations such as the Humane Rescue Alliance and independent veterinary services and clinics that will familiarize them with our services and help identify those who might benefit from our assistance. 
  • Initiation of Services – Our work will begin in earnest with revenue raised through the success of our initial fundraising efforts. Prior to offering assistance, we will create and publish eligibility guidelines.